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The Ultimate In-app Purchases Guide for iOS12 and Swift 4.2

iOS12 and Swift 4.2

The Ultimate In-app Purchases Guide for iOS12 and Swift 4.2

The Ultimate In-app Purchases Guide for iOS12 and Swift 4.2

Auto-renewable Subscriptions, Non-renewable Subscriptions, Consumables, Non-consumables & Virtual Currencies Demystified

What you’ll learn :
  • integrate any type of In-app Purchase (including Auto-renewable subscriptions) into an iOS app
  • set up any type of In-app Purchase in iTunes Connect
  • create a sophisticated Virtual Currency System that you can find in games such as Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans
Requirements :
  • You need to have a Mac
  • You need to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program
  • Minimum to none Swift knowledge is required
Description :

Update 4.0.0: NOW WORKS in Objective-C projects too!

Updated to iOS 12 and Swift 4.2!

Apples Subscription-based Pricing is a Game-changer! And YOU can benefit from it.

Subscription-based Pricing is a HUGE deal! Till recently it was limited to only a few categories, but yet again Apple will shake the App Industry by allowing any apps to use the subscription business model. You should use it immediately!

Okay, but implementing In-app Purchases can be a huge pain. And now that Swift 4.2 is out there are no real tutorials, wrappers or solutions out there. This is why I have created RebeloperStore, a powerful In-app Purchases Helper that will help you add any kind of IAP with just a fraction of the time and effort it usually takes.

With RebeloperStore you will be able to add in-app purchases to your app with ONE LINE OF CODE. Here’s the code you need to add to buy an auto-renewable subscription with RebeloperStore:


And here’s how you can check if an auto-renewable subscription has expired or not:

RebeloperStore.shared.verifyNonRenewablePurchase(.nonRenewableSubscription1) { (result, resultString) in if result { // Content Unlocked } }

It’s just too easy!

RebeloperStore supports all In-app purchase types:

  • consumables
  • non-consumables
  • auto-renewable subscriptions
  • non-renewable subscriptions

All of them have the same one-line approach!

And the best part is that it is written in Swift 4.2! You can rest assured that it will compile with the latest version of Swift.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. As a BONUS I have included a Virtual Currency System right into RebeloperStore so you may handle coins, gems, coin-packs, swords, bombs and helmets with ease! Here’s how to buy 50 gems (secondary Virtual Currency) with 70 coins (primary Virtual Currency):

RebeloperStore.shared.purchaseVirtualCurrency(50, ofVirtualCurrencyType: .secondaryVirtualCurrency, forPayableVirtualCurrencyAmount: 70, ofPayableVirtualCurrencyType: .primaryVirtualCurrency)

You may add as many Virtual Currencies as you like!

How awesome is that! And the features don’t end here. RebeloperStore is truly all you need to add any kind of In-app Purchase into your app. RebeloperStore is the ultimate In-app Purchase helper.

Besides all these cool features, the reason why I truly love RebeloperStore is the reason I’ve started this description: auto-renewable subscriptions.

In our opinion here at Rebeloper Subscription-based Pricing has been the Announcement of the Year! But before we dive into the details let’s talk about the current status of the App Industry. Free to Play rules everything. While this is a good way of earning money from apps it had some serious side effects on the developer community. The problem with Free to Play is that it cannot work for all kind of apps. It really works mainly on games and it mainly works only when implemented on a complicated and huge scale.

Free to Play was eating up the Middle Class of the developer community. It seemed that nothing will save us and we’ll be pushed out by the giants of the elite 1%. But the going for the subscription business model may give us a second chance. I personally have been waiting for this day for years. Why? Because the Subscription Based Business Model is the Holy Grail of Cash Flow.

The only one problem with subscriptions was that people didn’t necessarily wanted to subscribe to services or apps. Now that Apple is taking this model to the masses by introducing it on the App Store, we will see a massive adoption rate among users. It will no longer be weird to subscribe and pay each and every month. This time it will be something normal.

Be the first who changes his business model to adopt the Subscription Pricing and profit from being an early adopter.

Take a look at the free preview lectures below, and I will see you inside the course!

Change Log

4.0.0 – (15.10.2018)

  • Completely rewritten for Swift 4.2, iOS 12, Xcode 10
  • Removed SwiftyStoreKit, KeychainAccess
  • Added MerchantKit, KeychainSwift
  • Created a completely new example project

3.0.0 – (09.12.2017)

  • Added objective-c version

2.0.0 – (11.11.2017)

  • Updated to iOS 11 (SwiftyStoreKit v.0.11.0)

1.0.4 – (18.02.2017)

  • Updated Documentation

1.0.3 – (07.01.2017)

  • Fixed “Restore Purchases” (RebeloperStore.shared.restorePurchases()) not storing retrieved purchases data into Keychain (files changed: RebeloperStore.swift – lines added: 949-951)

1.0.2 – (22.11.2016)

  • Added Documentation.pdf with link to the video documentation

1.0.1 – (31.10.2016)

  • Added “Cancel Auto-renewable Subscriptions” button (files changed: Main.storyboard; RebeloperStore.swift; RenewableShopViewController.swift)

1.0.0 – (26.09.2016)

  • Initial Release
Who this course is for :
  • This course is meant for students who want an easy drop-in system to manage create and manage their in-app purchases and virtual currencies
  • This course is not meant for students who would like to lear the more deeper lever API of In-app Purchases
  • This course is meant for students who like one-line-of-code implementations; this time it is for In-app Purchases
Created by Alex Nagy
Last updated 1/2019
 English [Auto-generated]


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