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Quran Translation, And Explanation

Quran Translation

Quran Translation, And Explanation

Quran Translation, And Explanation

Quran In English To Understand Selected Passages Of The Last Revealed Book Holy Quran

What you’ll learn
  • Understand Translation, Explanation, Themes, Of Selected Quranic Passages, Understand How Human Beings Are Better Than Angels, And You Will Be Given A Completion Certificate At The End Of The Course
  • Understand The Reason Of Creation Of Mankind, Identify Importance Of The Themes Of the Quranic Passages, Deeply Learn ALLAH’s Distinctive Attributes, And How Only ALLAH Is Worthy Of Worship,
  • ALLAH’s relationship with HIS Creations, ALLAH’s Relationship With HIS Messengers
  • Understand ALLAH’s Uncountable Blessings On Prophet Muhammad(saw), And Miracles Given By ALLAH To Hazrat Essa(a.s)
  • Prophet Ibrahim (saw) Way Of Preaching OneNess Of God, And Hazrat Adam(a.s) As The First Prophet And Man On Earth
  • O level Islamiat students Will Be Prepared In a Very Less Time for O Levels Islamiat Paper 1, Section1. The Course is Made Keeping In Mind The Questions Asked In The O Level Islamiat Exams, So Students Can Themselves For Their Exams And Get High Grades Easily
  • The Course Is Made Keeping In Mind The Marking Policy Of The Cambridge O level, So That Students Get Highest Grades
  • Will Also Be Able To Teach Others Whatever Learned In The Course
  • Easy English Is Used, With Difficult Word Explained, So That Anyone Can Understand
  • Practice Questions At The End Of Each Lesson
  • Does not require any prerequisites, Any Muslim or Non-Muslim can, or who do not have any religious background can take this course

These Video Lessons are professionally made for anyone who wants to understand translation and explanation of Quranic passages. Easy English is used in explaining, so anyone can understand, and if there are any difficult words in Quran translation, then these difficult words are explained in easy words. The translation, and the meaning of difficult words in the passage, and theme of the passage, and its importance will be shown on the screen, so students can follow what is being explained. Students will also be provided notes of all lessons for free. Practice Questions will be given at the end of each lesson. Students can repeatedly watch them at their own times, at their comfort zones, and get more individual concentration.

The course will also benefit O level students appearing for Islamiat paper 1. Course contains all 15 Quranic passages that are included in O level Islamiat Paper 1 Syllabus,so that they can prepare themselves for their o levels exams easily while sitting at their homes, thus saving their time and energy from traveling one place to another for studying, and can get prepared for exams in less time and in an easy way. These video lessons are made keeping in mind the questions that are asked in the O level examination, and also the marking policy of Cambridge board so that the students get the highest grades.

The course is divided into 3 Sections.

Section 1 is about 5 Passages whose main theme is ALLAH’s relationship with the created world.

Section 2 is about 5 Passages whose main theme is ALLAH’s relationship with HIS creations.

Section 3 is about 5 Passages whose main theme is ALLAH’s relationship with HIS messengers

Each Lecture discusses one Passage, and is divided into four parts:

1) Introduction Of The Selected Quranic Passage

2) Translation and Explanation Of The Passage.

3) Themes Of the Passage

4) Importance Of The Theme In Muslim’s Lives

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone Who Wants To Understand Translation And Explanation Of Quran
  • Islamiat O level Paper 1 Students, As This Course Follows The Syllabus Of O levels Islamiat Paper 1, Section 1, Covering all 15 Quranic Passages
Created by Shahzeb Hussain
Last updated 6/2018
 English [Auto-generated]

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