PL/SQL Programming Simplified For Absolute Beginners

PL/SQL Programming

PL/SQL Programming Simplified For Absolute Beginners

PL/SQL Programming Simplified For Absolute Beginners

Easy to follow introduction to PL SQL Oracle programming

What you’ll learn :
  • Learn the fundamentals of PL/SQL programming
  • Relevant test and exercises
  • The class is condensed to only 1 hour to keep learning simple and help you progress fast!
Requirements :
  • Basic SQL knowledge is helpful, but not necessary
Description :

The primary objective of this course is to introduce you to the Oracle plsql programming language fast and to give you the practical skills to be productive as a web developer  working with Oracle databases.

In the course you will be introduced to variety of fundamental PL SQL functions like:

  • How to declare and use PL/SQL Variables
  • How to create functions and procedures
  • Use PL/SQL packages to group and contain related objects
  • Handle run time errors using Exceptions
  • And much much more…

By the end of the course I will give you practical exercises for you to do to test out your new PL/SQL skills in real time.

You will learn everything you need to jumpstart your PL/SQL programming learning.


PL/SQL is a block structured language  that can contain any number of nested sub-blocks. Pl/SQL stands for “Procedural Language extension of SQL” that is used in Oracle. Although PL/SQL is closely integrated with SQL language, it adds some programming constraints that are not available in SQL.

If within 30 days of buying the course you decide that its not for you, please get a Udemy-backed refund. No questions asked – just press the refund button, and all of your money will be returned to your credit card.


Please press the “Take This Course” button and start learning 2 minutes from now!

Who this course is for :
  • Anyone who wants to learn the PL/SQL Programming Language
  • Beginning Oracle SQL developers that wants to further their career
  • Developers that wants a promotion, pay-raise or a new PL/SQL programming job
Created by The Startup Central Inc., Tuhina Mehta
Last updated 2/2018
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