Master Forex Trading – Fundamentals

Master Forex Trading

Master Forex Trading – Fundamentals

Master Forex Trading - Fundamentals

Learn your way to financial freedom

What you’ll learn
  • All successful traders have specific know-how and our course has been designed to encapsulate these important topics
  • Forex terminology
  • How to choose a broker
  • How to read quotes and charts
  • Order types and how they can be used in forex trading
  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • Common price indicators
  • A positive mindset
  • Personal computer with internet access

The world of forex is rich and inviting – forex is the largest financial market in the world – making sense of it can be challenging AND it can also be exciting – that’s what our course is about to offer you.

It’s been designed to teach you about technical terms using plain language – no complicated phrases or intricate examples – we want you to understand the material and build on the knowledge gained from each lecture.

This course is about forex trading:

We will touch on a number of theoretical terms and concepts relating to trading and the currency markets.

  • Forex History
  • Reading FX Quotes
  • Bid/Ask
  • Lots
  • Leverage
  • Chart types
  • Order types
  • Brokers
  • Technical analysis

We’ve also designed activities for you to test your understanding and this will ensure you really get something out of this course.

Who this course is for:
  • If you are interested in learning about the foreign exchange financial market, you will find great value in this course.
Last updated 11/2017

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