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LinkedIn basics | You must know this first

LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn basics | You must know this first

LinkedIn basics | You must know this first

Get your LinkedIn profile in shape fast and FREE. Create high quality profile and find the new job you want.

What you’ll learn :
  • Create a high quality LinkedIn profile to find a job or advance your career
  • Improve your professional credibility
  • Appeal to the interests of recruiters in your field
Requirements :
  • Basic computer skills required
  • A LinkedIn account is required
  • A general idea of what you will use LinkedIn for is recommended
Description :

Every time you speak with someone new, a potential employer, client, recruiter or networking contact, there is an excellent chance that they are looking at your LinkedIn profile.

Posting a bad LinkedIn profile can cause a job opportunity or new potential client to vanish into thin air.

Creating a strong LinkedIn profile is the single, easiest action you can take to present yourself professionally to the world.

Take this course and in the next hour, you will learn everything you need to know to create a strong LinkedIn profile. You will also receive some basic tools to develop your professional network and grow your career.

This information would take hours to gather from various sources, and it would cost hundreds of dollars to have someone create your profile. I made this course FREE so that you can get started quickly and take advantage of 20+ years of executive recruiting knowledge to find your next position.

Connect with me on LinkedIn under the profile “jasongsanders”

Contact me at: [email protected]

Who this course is for :
  • Active job seekers
  • Passive candidates that want to manage their careers
  • Professionals that want to enhance their online presence
  • This is not for advanced users of LinkedIn
  • This is not for professional recruiters
Created by Jason Sanders
Last updated 8/2016
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