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Learn Basics of Algorithms in Short Time

Basics of Algorithms

Learn Basics of Algorithms in Short Time

Learn Basics of Algorithms in Short Time

This course helps you to build a strong foundation in Algorithms starting from basics

What you’ll learn :
  • Master the basics of algorithms.
  • Understand situations where to apply the algorithm concepts.
  • Solve any problem using step by step approach with an algorithm
  • Learn advanced algorithms concepts easily using this course as a foundation.
Requirements :
  • Nothing specific is required for taking this course. It helps if the students have mathematical knowledge.
Description :

Hello! Welcome to our course on Introduction to Algorithms. This course is basically designed to serve as an engaging content for an algorithmic course focusing on learning essentials of algorithms which will help to build a strong foundation for you to proceed further with implementing the algorithms and solving problems using programming. Our course serves as the first step in your quest for learning algorithm concepts.

In this course, you will learn all the basic algorithms and the data structures, required while implementing these algorithms.You will also learn how to calculate time complexities and how to approach any problem by applying a step by step algorithm. Some advanced and complex algorithms are also explained with possible simple ways. Though, it is not mandatory to have any expert knowledge of programming in order to learn these algorithms, yet some basic knowledge of mathematics might be a plus to understand them quickly. What is required most is some hard work and some dedication. If you have both; No one can stop you from being a very good programmer.

Any kinds of doubts or questions that you may have while doing the course, feel free to post it in the course discussions. The instructors will answer your questions and give you clear explanations as soon as possible. We will keep adding new lectures to this course. Keep checking out regularly

Begin your preparation and take the first step enhance your algorithm skills right away! 🙂

Who this course is for :
  • Anyone interested in learning algorithms
  • Those who want to improve problem solving skills using algorithms.
Created by Sri ., Ramya T
Last updated 10/2016


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