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Introduction to Google Calendar for beginners

Google Calendar

Introduction to Google Calendar for beginners

Introduction to Google Calendar for beginners

Learn to manage your time effectively and schedule events with Google calendar

What you’ll learn
  • Explore the google calendar interace
  • Explore calendar settings
  • Create calender events
  • Edit calendar events
  • Delete calendar events
  • Create all day events
  • Create repeating events
  • Hide and delete calendars
  • Share calendars
  • Subscribe to public calendars
  • Invite guests to events
  • Create secondary calendars
  • You should be able to use a computer
  • You should be able to navigate the internet

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. It is available on the web and as mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Google Calendar allows users to create and edit events. Reminders can be enabled for events, with options available for type and time. Event locations can also be added, and other users can be invited to events.  Users can enable or disable the visibility of special calendars.

Google Calendar allows users to create and edit events. Events have a set start time and stop time, with an option for an “All-day event”. Users can enable a “Recurring” functionality with optional parameters for frequency.

Users can add a color to an event for recognition or to distinguish the event from others. Users can optionally set notifications, with options for type (email, mobile push notification) and time. Locations can be added for easy understanding of an event’s place. Events are viewable in different types of setups, including day, week, month, or schedule.

Users can invite other people to events; for other Google Calendar users, the event becomes visible in their calendar, and for non-Google Calendar users, an email will have options for “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”. Privacy settings allow the user to define the levels of public visibility of the entire calendar or individual events. Although the calendar defaults to showing users event times in their local time, users can specify a different time zone for an event. Users can enable or disable the visibility of special calendars, including a Birthdays calendar, that automatically retrieves dates of births from a user’s Google contacts and displays the dates on a yearly basis, and a Holidays calendar, a country-specific calendar featuring dates of special occasions

Topics covered in this beginners course include:
Navigating Google Calendar
Creating events, including all-day and repeating events
Inviting guests
Responding to invitations
Creating secondary calendars
Sharing calendars
Searching for events

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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn to manage their time effectively.
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Last updated 2/2018
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