Impress Anyone With Your Presentation & Free Prezi Templates

Impress Anyone

Impress Anyone With Your Presentation & Free Prezi Templates

Impress Anyone With Your Presentation & Free Prezi Templates

A-Z guide to creating mind blowing presentations. Working with Prezi 2017. Plus professional universal Prezi templates.

What you’ll learn :
  • Over 36 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Over 5 professional and universal Prezi templates you can use any time for making your presentation.
  • Step by step guide on how to make an amazingly looking presentation.
  • Full tutorial on how to work with Prezi easy and fast.
  • Useful secrets and tricks, including list of recourses for creating a professional presentation (like recourses for finding great images and icons, choosing suitable colors, mind mapping and more).
  • Answers to every single question you have about Prezi and presentation creating process.
Requirements :
  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Internet connection
Description :

“Wow, I have never seen such an amazing presentation!” – this is exactly what people will say about your presentations after taking this course. Or maybe they will just sit with their mouth open, not believing what they just saw! Either way, this course is your chance to start making presentations which stand out of the line, presentations which are entertaining instead of being boring, presentations which are just could not be forgotten, presentations which make people think: “This person is the real deal!”

And you will learn how to become this person in some quick steps:

  • First, you will learn how to avoid basic mistakes which thousands people tend to make, when creating a presentation.
  • Second, you will get a step by step presentation building guide which would be a blueprint for your success. (could be used for making PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, not only Prezi)
  • Third, you will learn everything you need about working with Prezi, which is right now the best tool for creating amazing presentations.
  • Finally, you will get access to some useful secrets and tricks which professionals use for creating a presentation.

And that is not all! Also, you will get 5 professional Prezi templates which will help you to create your presentation in just a couple of minutes. Only the opportunity to use this templates itself definitely worths taking this course.  And it will become even more worthy because the number of templates will go up as I will add more of them to the course.

If you haven’t already decided on should you take this course or not? Just answer one simple question. Do you want your listeners to talk, sleep and stare at their phones during your presentations, or you want your audience to be entertained, surprised and engaged, listening to everything you are talking about? I think the answer is obvious – get this course and take your presentations to the next level!

Who this course is for :
  • Students wanting to impress their classmates and teachers with an incredible presentation
  • Educators and teachers trying to present information in a more enthartaining and engaiging way (great for Udemy instructors)
  • Managers, marketers and salesmen willing to present a profitable new project and to get a promotion. Or just willing to make some sales by showing your clients a mind blowing product presentation which would make them buy
  • Publick speakers looking to take their perfomance on a whole new level by using stunning visuals along with their speaking
  • Businessmen and entrepreneurs going to pitch their ideas to a big investor, to start a company they have always dreamed about
  • Anyone who wants to forget about boring PowerPoint / Keynote presentations and wants to create something really cool
Created by Andrey Razgonyaev
Last updated 2/2017
 English [Auto-generated]


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