German grammar – the tenses #3 – the future tenses

German grammar

German grammar – the tenses #3 – the future tenses

German grammar - the tenses #3 - the future tenses

Learn how to use the German future tense and find other ways of talking about the future in German

What you’ll learn
  • Understand when to use the present tense or the future tense in German
  • Understand which modal verbs are useful for talking about future intentions
  • Know which German verbs might be better to use for future plans instead of modal verbs
  • Have a better understanding of the conditional
  • Know when and how to use the future perfect tense in German
  • Understand what happens to new verbs
  • Pen and paper to make notes
  • Students need to be familiar with German verbs in the present tense before starting this course.

Are you a German learner and not sure how to use the future tense in German?

Do you get the future tense mixed up with the past tense? Do you wish you had several ways to talk in German about future intentions?

Then this course is going to help you!

In this course we will only look at ways for talking about the future and we’ll cover:

the present tense with time phrases
the ‘proper’ future tense
some modal verbs
verbs governing the infinitive
the conditional
and finally the future perfect.

If you are a beginner then this course isn’t for you yet. This course assumes that you already have a sound knowledge of the present tense, so make sure you know how to conjugate verbs in the present tense before buying this course.

If you are an advanced student, you probably know everything in this course but it might be a welcome refresher.

If you are an intermediate student, then you might not have learned the future tense yet or you might have just started, in which case this course is perfect for you!

It doesn’t matter how quickly you complete the course – it isn’t a race – the important bit is that you can use the future tense!

At the end of the course you will have some good understanding of the German future tense which will make life a lot easier when you want to be able to tell people in German about your future plans..

Who this course is for:
  • This course is not for beginners.
  • This course is for intermediate learners who have a sound knowledge of the German present tense and want to move on to the future tenses.
  • Advanced learners might find it useful to go the basics again.
Created by Angelika Davey
Last updated 3/2019


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