Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads Foundations

Facebook Ads Foundations

Facebook Ads Foundations

Facebook Ads Foundations

The Ultimate Side Hustle for Busy Professionals

What you’ll learn
  • Students will have a working understanding of how the advertising platform on Facebook works
  • Students will see how Facebook Ads are a skill that can be immediately leveraged as a service to other businesses looking to generate leads
  • Students will see how online marketing has changed throughout the years, and how Sales Funnels are a crucial component of any predictable marketing machine in 2018.
  • And Students will know where to go next if they want to dive deeper into the topic of digital marketing with Facebook and creating a successful side hustle in general.
  • Basic knowledge of Facebook (just using it for browsing, not advertising… YET!)
  • Basic computer skills are a plus
  • Critical thinking skills are definitely a benefit – this is part art, and part science!

Facebook Marketing has become an absolutely crucial component of lead generation for successful companies. Not only is it beneficial for huge companies – but it can also make an amazing side hustle for the entrepreneur just getting started.

In this course, I want to take you through the fundamentals of Facebook Marketing, and explain an entire business model that you can pursue to start making money within a week!

Serving local businesses by providing Facebook Advertising as a service is an amazing win-win, and can be done with minimal time invested per day.

You win because you are able to create a business model that requires zero startup capital (only requires your time, hustle, and dedication to learning).

Your customers win because they are able to leverage the most impressive advertising platform on the planet to bring consistent leads into their business, and are able to focus on their craft instead of finding new customers.

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics about advertising on Facebook – whether it be for your own business, or for other businesses as a service
  • Anyone who is considering starting a side hustle outside of their day job, but is not sure what is profitable and in demand in 2018.
  • Anyone who wants to build a business online, but doesn’t want to wait for 6-12 months to be profitable like through blogging and affiliate marketing
Created by John Whitford
Last updated 3/2018
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