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Develop A Superbrain: Optimize Your Brain & Boost Memory

Boost Memory

Develop A Superbrain: Optimize Your Brain & Boost Memory

Develop A Superbrain: Optimize Your Brain & Boost Memory

Exercises, methods, strategies, tips and tricks that will enhance and improve your brain’s essential functions.

What you’ll learn
  • Learn a wealth of exercises, challenges, and practice problems that will enhance your brain’s essential functions.
  • Explore how memory is essential to superior brain health, and learn vital techniques for better retaining details.
  • Discover methods to improve your visual-spatial thinking, motor skills, creativity, and more.
  • Optimize your attention span and improve your skills in math, reading comprehension, and much more.
  • See how life experiences continue to shape and mold your brain throughout your life.
  • No any prerequisites

Explore Your Brain’s Most Important Functions

Develop A Superbrain centers on the idea that your brain is a continual work in progress, one whose development depends on the best possible use of your brain’s most important everyday functions. You explore many functions in these lectures, with a strong focus on three.

  • Attention: Optimal attention skills open the door to top-notch performance in math, reading, and auditory and visual memory. They provide you with the basis for learning what to focus on and what to ignore, and they also coordinate the brain networks that involve sensation, movement, emotions, and thought.
  • General memory: General memory facilitates the formation, activation, and retention of neurological circuits that contribute to your brain’s optimal functioning. Memory is the veritable bedrock of superior brain health and serves as the basis of your personal identity.
  • Working memory: Working memory is linked with your IQ and is the first brain function to decline as you age. It is central to your ability to manipulate stored information and can easily be improved by practicing a series of simple exercises.

Engage in a Wealth of Delightful Exercises

This course has a wealth of exercises, methods, strategies, tips and tricks that will enhance and improve your brain’s essential functions. Here is just a small sample of the enjoyable ways that you can improve your brain.

  • Close your eyes and envision the room around you, and then open them and check for accuracy. Repeat this memory-recall exercise and pay closer attention to smaller details, such as the number of magazines on a table.
  • Take a number of spices at random and set them on a table; then close your eyes and try to identify each of them by smell alone. Take this same approach by identifying spices in a meal that you’re eating. Both exercises are great ways to sharpen your senses of smell and taste.

Insightful, instructive, and undeniably fun, Develop A Superbrain is an invaluable part of your personal tool kit for lasting health and wellness.

Who this course is for :
  • Those who want to enhance their brain’s essential functions
Created by Mervan Polat
Last updated 12/2017
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