Creating a Lean Startup

Lean Startup

Creating a Lean Startup

Creating a Lean Startup

Lean for Entrepenuers

What you’ll learn :
  • Apply lean principles to building their startup
  • Possess the tools for rapid improvement
Requirements :
  • An entreprenurial spirit
Description :

Many startups fail by not validating their ideas early on with real-life customers. And often, many entrepreneurs aren’t sure how to collect feedback or how to best utilize it.

In an introduction to the basics Lean, this workshop provides insight into the key steps needed to optimize quality and efficiency in a  startup from the get-go.

Participants will not only learn how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering appropriate amounts of customer and marketplace feedback but practice using those skills, so they feel confident using it in their own work. Using these tools, startup entrepreneurs can find a proper solution to their quality problems early on, save time and put out a product faster, and establish a better business model.

Bonuses Included : 
  • Selecting Key Performance Indicators (Bonus Lecture)
  • How to Use Visual Management Boards (Bonus Lecture)
  • Private Facebook group to stimulate learning
Who this course is for :
  • Entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to start a business
  • Developers who are looking to start their first indie game company
  • Anyone interested in the basics of lean and rapid improvement
Created by Ashley Christman
Last updated 9/2017
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