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Create Stunning Presentations in 2 Hours with Google Slides

Create Stunning Presentations

Create Stunning Presentations in 2 Hours with Google Slides

Create Stunning Presentations in 2 Hours with Google Slides

Go from Basic to Advanced and Create Eye-Catching Presentations that Wow Your Audience

What you’ll learn
  • Create stunning, cohesive presentations from scratch in Google Slides
  • Improve your Presentation design from Basic to Advanced
  • Dramatize your slides through Animation & Video
  • Create beautiful, custom shapes
  • Create a variety of shapes, and designs
  • Use video and images in your presentation
  • Link tables and charts to present dynamic data in a visual way
  • Add interest to your slides by use of Animations
  • Share & Collaborate with others on your Presentation
  • Add & Manipulate Text
  • Download Slides as Images, PDF, PPT, etc formats.
  • Computer
  • Access to the Internet
  • A desire to create beautiful presentations

Do you want to take your bland, boring slides to beautiful, eye-catching presentations that will convey your message in a way your audience will remember?

65% of people learn visually – that’s two-thirds of the population!! To capture the attention of your audience, you need to present your content in a way that they will remember easily.

This course will help you learn all the techniques to go from Basic to advanced skills in Google Slides.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Google Slide’s basic functionality, so even if you have never used Slides before, you will learn everything you need to get started.
  • Creating beautiful backgrounds using colors, gradients, images, and animated images
  • Animate your slides with motion, and transitions
  • Insert Video to create a memorable presentation
  • Design Images
  • Interactive slides in which your users can click on buttons to interact with the slides
  • Creating charts & graphs dynamically by linking to spreadsheet data
  • Download your slides as images, PDFs, etc
  • Pairing fonts & colors for visual appeal
  • Walk-through of the creation of 3 example slides step by step so you can recreate the beautiful designs as you go through the videos and add your own personal touch.

You will impress your audience with beautiful, outstanding slides!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to use Google Slides
  • Anyone wanting to create presentations quickly & easily
Created by Sofia Beg
Last updated 6/2017
 English [Auto-generated]

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