Craft Clear Content for Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Craft Clear Content for Public Speaking

Craft Clear Content for Public Speaking

Learn how to craft content like a professional even if you are a beginner

What you’ll learn :
  • Understand how to find purpose of the presentation
  • Open with either of 4 Killer Opening Strategies
  • Learn 2 simple steps to decide key points for your talk
  • Learn 4 devices for supporting your key points
  • Conduct Q&A in a better fashion
  • Conclude your presentation in a memorable manner using either of the 7 strategies
Requirements :
  • A willingness to learn and implement the ideas
Description :

Welcome to Design Your Presentation and Wow Your Audience course!

Learn crucial communication skills to set you apart from your peers

I am Rama, Amazon Best-Selling author of ‘The Ultimate Public Speaking Survival Guide’ and Award Winning Speaker of more than 25 speaking contests. More than an author or a speaker, I am researcher and I keep looking for what works and what are the best practices.

We have designed this course to help you :

  • Get Creative Ideas to design your own presentation as quickly as possible. If you follow what is taught, you can even design it in an hour.
  • Plan Your Content Properly. Unless you are confident of what you are going to say, you’ll always feel a level of uncertainty. Say Bye to Bye to this sick feeling.
  • Be Confident in Your Delivery. My mentor once said, “You Win in Speaking by Writing”. So, by creating and planning your content, you’ll become confident to deliver your presentation.

This contents of the course are based upon highly researched, time tested best practices followed by Professional speakers, TED speakers and highly effective communicators.

You could use this to create quick, meaningful and sensible presentations at your company, school or business.

Enroll Now or check out our preview to know more!

Who this course is for :
  • Anybody who wants to give a presentation or talk
Created by Ramakrishna Reddy
Last updated 8/2016
 English [Auto-generated]


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