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Big Data: Parallel Processing by SimpleIT

Big Data

Big Data: Parallel Processing by SimpleIT

‘Must-see’ to understand BigData & Hadoop! ~~ Easy real world non-technical examples.

What you’ll learn
  • Explain how parallel processing works
  • List main benefits of using parallel processing including its limitations
  • Understand where and how parallel processing is already used in surrounding world
  • Be able to absorb new information
  • Curious of modern computing technology (no knowledge required)

This course explains by real world examples parallel programming – the core of Big Data, Hadoop & MapReduce technology, creating a solid ground to understand deeper technical parts. It was created for people at various levels of expertise (both technical and non-technical) to help them realize what parallel processing is, what are its main strengths and limitations.

This class, like all SimpleIT classes, uses simple examples to illustrate how easy it could be to understand IT. I hope it will turn on your imagination and help you come up with new thoughts surrounding ‘parallel processing’.

See you on my class!

Who this course is for:
  • All curious people (non-technical should understand as well)
Created by Piotr Kaczor
Last updated 3/2019

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