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Turn into A Chemistry 1 Grasp – Primary Rules Of Chemistry

Become A Chemistry 1 Master

Turn into A Chemistry 1 Master – Primary Rules Of Chemistry

Become A Chemistry 1 Master - Basic Principles Of Chemistry

A complete course in primary fundamental ideas of Chemistry overlaying all the things for future exams in Chemistry.

What you will be taught
  • Know precisely what’s Matter, Aspect, and Compound.
  • Study the scientific strategies and sort of Mixtures.
  • Know the Three State of Maters and Models of Measurements.
  • Calculate Scientific Notation and Important Figures.
  • Decide if the outcomes you obtained are Correct and Exact.
  • Perceive the Models and Dimensional Evaluation.
  • Perceive the Atomic Idea and Fashions of the Atom.
  • know the Regulation of Conservation and legislation of A number of Proportions.
  • Study Atomic Mass, Mass Quantity, and Isotopes.
  • Know the way parts are organized within the Periodic Desk.
  • Discover ways to title the Ionic Compounds.
  • Know learn how to write Chemical equations.
  • Discover ways to make a Chemical Stability.
  • Perceive The Mole Idea.
  • Be capable of do Mole calculations efficiently.
  • Study the willpower of Chemical formulation.
  • Perceive Stoichiometry.
  • To calculate the Limiting Reactant and the Yield of the response.
  • Research all of the Solubility Guidelines
  • Perceive the Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte options
  • Know all of the Sorts of Chemical Reactions
  • Be capable of do Calculations on Molar Focus and Dilution Evaluation
  • Perceive the Gravimetric Evaluation and the Titration
  • Perceive Boyle’s Regulation, Charles’s Regulation, Homosexual-Lussac’s Regulation, Avogadro’s Regulation, Mixed Fuel Regulation, The Perfect Fuel Regulation, Actual Gases, Fuel Density, and Fuel Stoichiometry.
  • You’ll perceive Thermochemistry the examine of warmth change in chemical reactions.
  • It is possible for you to to tell apart between Exothermic & Endothermic reactions.
  • You’ll be taught Enthalpy and the First Regulation of Thermodynamics.
  • It is possible for you to to calculate Warmth Capability (C) for any aspect.
  • Discover ways to calculate commonplace enthalpy of response (ΔH0) for any chemical response.
  • You’ll perceive the Properties of Waves.
  • You’ll understand how Bohr’s Mannequin of the Atom works.
  • Perceive the Schrodinger Wave Equation.
  • Be capable of discover the 4 quantum numbers within the Schrodinger Equation.
  • It is possible for you to to put in writing the Electron configuration for any aspect.
  • Perceive the Floor State Electron Configurations and Classification of Parts.
  • know the Electron Configurations of Cations and Anions.
  • You’ll be taught The Atomic Radius, The Ionization Vitality, Efficient nuclear cost (Zeff) and The Electron Affinity.
  • It is possible for you to to know Teams Parts Properties.
  • It is possible for you to to know the distinction between an ionic bond and a covalent bond.
  • You’ll perceive electronegativity and formal cost.
  • It is possible for you to to put in writing a Lewis construction.
  • You’ll perceive the VSEPR concept.
  • You’ll perceive the Hybridization.
  • There are not any important course necessities, only a want to be taught extra about Chemistry and a willingness to make the mandatory effort.
  • This course may be very easy and no want for any strategies to be understood.


Are you one of many highschool studentsChemist scholar, Pharmacy scholar, biology scholar, Nursing scholar or Engineering scholar and you’ve got issues in finding out Basic Chemistry 101???

Do you Like Chemistry however you don’t know learn how to examine the fundamentals in Chemistry???

Are you struggling from understanding the fundamentals of Chemistry which makes the Basic Chemistry Examination as a nightmare for you???

Do you wish to be a grasp in Chemistry and move the Chemistry examination getting a excessive rating simply???


Regardless of the purpose you have got for fascinated by finding out chemistry , Whether or not you have been Chemistryscholar, Pharmacy scholar, Biology scholar, Nursing scholar or Engineering scholar, this course will allow you to to know the important fundamentals of Chemistry.

This course will allow you to in overlaying all the things you have to to know as you put together for potential future exams.  It does not matter how a lot, or how little, prior data of Chemistry you’ve got acquired as this course will take you thru all of the essential levels.


Take a look at some superior evaluations about this course!!!

★★★★★ “That is an superior course in Basic Chemistry 1, the reason may be very straightforward to be understood, the examples on this course helped me to know Chemistry 1 fully.” – Amin

★★★★★ “Complete chemistry course with plenty of examples and quizzes actually helped me understanding the fundamentals of chemistry” – Appi -shon

★★★★★ “Superior content material. I’ve by no means discovered like this model in my faculty, supported examples and quizzes actually easy and useful and an amazing teacher.” – Karon

★★★★★ “I’ve discovered extra on this course than I did in class” – Jari -chan

★★★★★ “EXCELLENT CONTENT – easy and straightforward to be understood !!!!” – Mstluchy

★★★★★ “This course is a mini introduction to 101 Chemistry, it serves to construct additional curiosity within the topic. I discovered it participating; nevertheless, it left me wanting extra, which is nice. It drives residence the truth that chemistry is built-in into all facets of our every day lives and existence, so there may be nothing to worry. In spite of everything, cooking is in actual fact chemistry, most of us do that experiment each day.” – DL Lieberman

★★★★★ “very straightforward to know…” – Mohammed demachkie

★★★★★ “The course is basically informative and it has to assist me lots.” – Mr. SHEIKH SAJJAD SHEIKH 

★★★★★ “Nice chemistry course!” – Matt F.

★★★★★ “Very detailed and effectively thought out explanations. Covers every idea very effectively and in easy steps.!” – Maccabi.

★★★★★ “That is the very best Course in chemistry I’ve watched !!!!!!” – Tanjib.

★★★★★ “I’m a well-liked science fan with a background in Chemistry. I wanted this course to have the ability to perceive the terminology of chemistry and its functions in every day life.!” – Noyon.

★★★★★ “Nice and full skilled teacher….!” – Sssujon.

★★★★★ “Effectively organized and straightforward clarification, I preferred this course….!” – Zihad.


If You simply love chemistry!!!! OR Regardless of the purpose you have got for fascinated by finding out Chemistry additional, ENROLL on this course that can assist you be taught and perceive the Chemistry fundamentals very simply.

Am  Mohammad Abualrub, I’ve a Ph.D. in Chemistry and am Skilled in pharmaceutical Trade – +8Years & Skilled in teaching Chemistry +4Years.

*****On this Course we are going to cowl the next matters:*****

Part 1 – Matter and Measurement

  • An Introduction To Chemistry
  • Strategies Of Science
  • Classes Of Science
  • Steps Of Scientific Technique
  • Idea And Regulation
  • The Scientific Technique
  • Regulation of Conservation of Mass
  • Matter, Aspect, And Compound
  • Varieties Of Mixtures
  • The Three States Of Matter
  • Properties And Adjustments Of matter
  • Models Of Measurements
  • Scientific Notations
  • Important Figures
  • Accuracy And Precession
  • Models and Dimensional Evaluation

Part 2 – Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

  • Dalton’s Atomic Idea
  • Atomic Symbols and Fashions
  • Regulation of Conservation of Mass
  • Regulation of a number of proportions
  • The Construction of The Atom
  • Discovery of the Electron
  • The nuclear mannequin of the atom
  • Atomic Mass, Mass Quantity, and Isotopes
  • Mass quantity and Atomic Masse
  • Periodic Desk of the Parts
  • Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
  • Molecular Substances
  • Ionic Substances
  • Natural Compounds
  • Ionic Compounds
  • Guidelines for predicting Prices
  • The naming of Ionic Compounds
  • The system of Ionic Compounds
  • The naming of Binary Molecular Compounds
  • Acids and Corresponding Anions
  • Naming of Hydrates
  • Writing Chemical Equations
  • Balancing Chemical Equations

Part 3 – Calculations With Chemical Formulation And Equations

  • Introduction to Calculations in Chemistry
  • Mass and Moles of Substance
  • Molecular Mass and Method Mass
  • The Mole Idea
  • Mole Calculations
  • Figuring out Chemical Formulation
  • Elemental Evaluation, Share of C, H, and O
  • Figuring out Formulation
  • Molecular Method from Empirical Method
  • Stoichiometry: Quantitative Relations in Chemical Reactions
  • Limiting Reactant
  • Theoretical Yield

Part 4 – Chemical Reactions

  • Introduction to Chemical Reactions
  • Ionic Idea of Options and Solubility Guidelines
  • Electrolytes and Non-electrolytes
  • Solubility Guidelines
  • Molecular and Ionic Equations
  • Acid-Base, Neutralization, and Oxidation-Discount Reactions
  • Oxidation quantity
  • Sorts of Oxidation-Discount Reactions
  • Working with options
  • Quantitative Evaluation

Part 5 – Gaseous State

  • Introduction to the Gaseous State
  • Fuel Strain and Its Measurement
  • Boyle’s Regulation: Relating Quantity and Strain
  • Charles’s Regulation: Relating Quantity and Temperature
  • Homosexual-Lussac’s Regulation: Relating Strain and Temperature
  • Mixed Fuel Regulation: Relating Strain, Temperature, and Quantity
  • Avogadro’s Regulation: Relating Quantity and Quantity
  • The Perfect Fuel Regulation
  • Customary Temperature and Strain (STP)
  • Fuel Density; Molecular-Mass Willpower
  • Fuel Stoichiometry
  • Fuel Mixtures; Regulation of Partial Pressures
  • Actual Gases

Part 6 –  Thermochemistry

  • Introduction to Thermochemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamic Equations
  • Warmth Capability (C)
  • Customary Enthalpy of Formation ΔH formation

Part 7 –  Quantum Idea and the Digital Construction of Atoms

  • Properties of Waves
  • Bohr’s Mannequin of the Atom
  • Schrodinger Wave Equation
  • Aufbau precept and  Hund’s Rule
  • Electron configuration

Part 8 –  Periodic Relationships

  • Floor State Electron Configurations and Classification of Parts
  • Electron Configurations of Cations and Anions
  • Efficient nuclear cost (Zeff)
  • The Atomic Radius
  • The Ionization Vitality
  • The Electron Affinity
  • Teams Parts Properties

Part 9 –  Ionic and Covalent Bonding

  • The Ionic and Covalent Bonding
  • Electronegativity and Polar Covalent Bond
  • Writing Lewis Constructions
  • Formal Cost

Part 10 –  Molecular Geometry and Chemical Bonding Idea

  • Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) mannequin
  • Dipole Moments and Polar Molecules
  • Valence Bond Idea
  • Hybridization

Along with that, there are plenty of QUIZZES added to this course to be able to improve college students understanding of the contents of this course and get the desired worth !!!

For instance, in One Quiz you’ll observe on fixing the next questions:

  • Can a component be damaged down into a less complicated substance?
  • What’s a compound?
  • What’s a mix?
  • What number of classifications of mixtures are there?
  • Mixtures will be separated. Which of the next represents a manner a mix can’t be separated?
  • Which of the next is a compound?
  • Which of the next is a component?
  • Are there extra compounds or extra parts?
  • Which of the next shouldn’t be a mix?
  • Can compounds be separated?

This Course comprises the next Quizzes:

  1. Parts, Compounds, and Mixtures
  2. Properties and Adjustments of Matter
  3. Scientific Notation
  4. Important Figures
  5. Periodic Desk of The Parts
  6. Naming an Ionic Compound from Its Method
  7. Balancing Chemical Equations
  8. Mole Calculation for atoms, molecules, items, and ions
  9. Calculate the share composition
  10. Limiting Reactant
  11. Classification of Solutes in Aqueous Answer
  12. Solubility Guidelines for Ionic Compounds
  13. Sorts of Oxidation-Discount Reactions
  14. Oxidation Numbers
  15. Boyle’s Regulation
  16. Charles’s legislation
  17. Homosexual-Lussac’s
  18. Mixed Fuel Regulation
  19. The Perfect Fuel Regulation
  20. Fuel Stoichiometry
  21. Exothermic and Endothermic
  22. Enthalpy
  23. Hess legislation
  24. Properties of waves
  25. Bohr’s Mannequin
  26. Electron Configurations
  27. Electron Configurations of Cations and Anions
  28. The Atomic Radius
  29. Ionization power
  30.  Covalent bonds, Ionic bonds, and Polar covalent bonds
  31. Formal Cost (FC)


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Dr. Mohammad Abualrub
Ph.D. in Chemistry Skilled in pharmaceutical Trade +8Years & Skilled in educating Chemistry +4Years.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for Excessive Faculty College students, Chemists, Pharmacy scholar, biology scholar, Nursing scholar, and Engineering scholar, beneath graduated or graduated.
  • Everybody who has an enormous ardour for chemistry and wish to uncover extra about it.
Final up to date 5/2019

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