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Accounting Made Easy – Beginner’s Guide

Beginner's Guide

Accounting Made Easy – Beginner’s Guide

Accounting Made Easy - Beginner's Guide

Learn to write Journal Entries, Ledger Accounts, Trial Balance and Final Accounts

What you’ll learn :
  • Write Journal Entries, Write Ledger Accounts, Prepare Trial Balance, Prepare Profit & Loss Account and Prepare Balance Sheet
Requirements :
  • Ability to do simple addition and subtraction and willingness to learn
Description :

This course is prepared in a very simple language taking day to day examples. The objective of this course is not to make you pass any exam but make you understand the accounting concepts which will help you in your journey towards advanced accounting. This course is best suited for the beginners or those who have problems in understanding the concepts of accounting.

Who this course is for :
  • School or College students or anyone who is beginning to learn accounting or have difficulties in understanding the basics of accounting
Created by Saurabh Salil
Last updated 11/2017
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